Premshree in Modena, Italy in 2014

Premshree in Modena, Italy in 2014

Meghan  in Modena, Italy in 2014

Meghan in Modena, Italy in 2014

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Overlooking Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Feb 2016

Meghan doesn’t like talking about herself so Premshree had to write this for her. She grew up in New Jersey, lived for several years in Washington, DC, followed by a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before calling Brooklyn home. She likes to read (a lot), cook (a lot) and run. Dislikes humidity. Loves peanut butter and anything that has it.

Premshree doesn’t have as much trouble talking about himself, so he’s writing this, in third person. He was born in Goa, India, grew up in Mumbai, 7,835 miles from New Jersey, lived for several years in San Francisco, before making Brooklyn home. He likes to read metaphysics, take photos and write. Dislikes New York winters. Loves humidity.

We enjoy bike rides, traveling, eating and cooking together. Between us, we have traveled to over 35 countries, 11 together. Polka Dot Socks is our creative outlet for sharing our experiences related to these and everything that goes along with them. 

All photos taken by Premshree Pillai unless otherwise noted. Please don't use without asking first.

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Meghan and Premshree in Koh Lanta, Thailand, Jan 2016